Stitching Group

The Stitching Group has not yet re-started. Please come back to this page as we will announce a starting date as soon as we can.

Perhaps you have started a tapestry or cross stitch kit some time ago and then more demanding things took up your time. Perhaps you have a piece of embroidery lurking in a cupboard somewhere and just need the opportunity to finish it.

Do you need some help on how to get going again, or perhaps you would simply like to spend a couple of hours stitching with like minded people?

If any of this applies to you then come and join us in a weekly group on Wednesdays from 10am until 12 noon. It will not be a class, but help and even some materials will be available, along with a cup of tea. The cost will be £1 per session.

For more information please contact Win Bond on 01959 573000.